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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Asnwers.
About The Girls
Q. What are the girls like? Are they all as good looking as the photos on the website?

A. Yes, they are all good looking, although they are chosen also for their personality and suitability. We try and keep the web site updated with pictures of the current girls on the girls index page. This lets imminent guests view the girls who will be welcoming them.

Q. How do I choose a girl?

A. When you arrive at the resort you will be met by the staff and invited to relax with a beer or soft drink. You will then be taken to your room to freshen up and unpack. Come back to the bar area the staff will have got all the available girls ready for you to choose from. You will be given another beer (or two), with the girls sitting in front of you. You will be introduced to the girls, then each of the girls will come up to introduce herself to you.
If you have any questions you want to ask, either in general or about a particular girl, you may either ask them directly or get the staff to ask for you. If your Spanish is not particularly good we suggest that you allow us to do any translation in order to prevent misunderstandings. Remember that the Spanish spoken in is not the same as that spoken in Spain.
Once you have made your choice you and your chosen girl can then get better acquainted.

Q. What if I want to change the girl I am with?

A. If you want to change the girl you are with, for whatever reason, then simply let Ana or any of the management team know. The normal time for changeovers is between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon each morning. If you want another full line-up this can be arranged, or if you have already seen the girl you want next just let us know and we will arrange it.
You do not have to stay with the same girl for your entire stay, you may change as often as you want. Some guests do stay with the same girl, others change after two or three days, others change every day. Remember that it is YOUR vacation, so do whatever you want.

Q. What happens if my girl is doing something which annoys me?

A. If it is something minor, tell her yourself if you wish, or ask one of us to speak to her. If you believe the problem is more serious, then please tell us and we will speak to her and, if you wish, replace her immediately. Although we try to ensure that you have no problems, the girls are human and we cannot monitor them 24 hours a day.

Q. Do they really provide a 24 hour service?

A. Yes, they are with you 24 hours a day. However, it is not unreasonable for them to want some private time, to freshen up and attend to their personal needs. This will usually be in the morning, after you have got up. If you feel that they are away from you for too long, talk to the girl and explain that you want to see more of her; if the situation persists then talk to us and we will talk to the girl.

Q. Do I need to give the girls a tip?

A. No, tipping is not necessary and we actively discourage it. However, you may want to show your appreciation to the girl by giving her a small gift, taking her shopping or in some other way. This is entirely discretionary. Do NOT feel obliged to tip the girls.

Q. Do the girls speak English?

A. All of the girls understand some English and can speak it a little, some of them have very good English. If you speak slowly to the girls you shouldn’t encounter any problems. If you have any problems in being understood, please ask one of the management team to translate rather than risk a potentially unfortunate misunderstanding.

Q. How long are the girls with you? If I see a girl on the website that I like will she be there when I take my vacation?

A. Most of our girls stay with us for one to two months, the average is six weeks. After that they return home. Some of the girls do come back, but we try and make them take a break of several months between visits in order to keep up their normal life. Depending on the interval between when the photos on the website were taken and when you visit, most girls should still be with us, but we do not guarantee this.
Sexual Matters
Q. Will the girls really do anything I want in terms of sex?

A. If you expect a non-stop orgy with sex-crazed nymphomaniac porn stars then go elsewhere.
The girls will provide a full girl-friend experience, but there are limits to what they will do.
These are NOT prostitutes, but ordinary girls who need to make some extra money.
Some girls may be willing to go that bit further than others; this is something you need to enquire about discreetly and politely when choosing a girl.
We provide Total Satisfaction, not total perversion.

Q. What happens if the girl doesn't want to do something?

A. Each girl has her own limits and these must be respected. Some girls will provide these services, some won't. If you are unhappy with the service the girl gives, please talk with the management.
If we feel that your request is reasonable then we will consider replacing the girl.
If, on the other hand, what you want is totally unreasonable then you will be told so.
Please remember that oral sex without a condom is almost as risky as unprotected vaginal sex.

Q. Are the girls medically checked to ensure they don't have any sexually transmitted diseases?

A. Yes, all the girls have a medical checkup before they start to work for us. Medical certificates are available for inspection in the resort office.

Q. If I have two girls, will they put on a lesbian show for me?

A. As noted above, these girls are not prostitutes or porn stars. Each of them has their own limits and preferences. If you choose to have two girls and want this then we advise you talk it over with Ana or anyone else in the management team and we will do our best to ensure your Total Satisfaction.

Q. What if a girl asks me for money directly for providing "extra" sexual services?

A. If a girl asks you directly for money, especially if it is for providing certain sexual services, please tell the management at once. The girls are not allowed to do this and it will result in them being dismissed.

Q. What about condoms and sex toys for the girls?

A. Bring as many condoms as you think you will need, then double the quantity. It is far better to have some left over than to find yourself without at a crucial moment in the middle of the night. Many of our girls are happy, indeed eager, to play with sex toys. Just make sure that they are clean and sterile and that you bring plenty of water-based lubricants.

Q. What about Viagra or Cialis? Can I get them?

A. You can get both Viagra and Cialis at most pharmacies, cost is about US$5 per pill. Ask the management team to recommend a pharmacy.

Q. In my past experiences, guests taking pictures of ourselves (no not other guests!) and the ladies was perfectly acceptable.

A. Pictures are acceptable as long as all parties are agreeable, that means other guests and the girls. I would suggest that taking pics. with girls is fine as long as they are for personal referal and not to plaster all over the internet. If other guests are in the frame you will need their permission.

Q.I have once brought a movie camera for some personal documentaries in my room. That was more up in the air and ok with some girls, but not others.

A. You won't have problems with most girls. The only reason other girls may have a problem is because we have had guests here who take videos and put then on myface and youtube and other public sites.
This is not acceptable and guest who publish videos and photos on public sites are not allowed back on the resort.
About the Dominican Republic resort
Q. What are the prices of excursions in the DR?

A. Taxis are not as cheap as in other parts of South America, but affordable. Most excursions and facilities are within the area that we are situated so that this will noit influence the prices too much.

Q. What currency is used by the locals? Will the resort staff do the currency exchanges for me from my US Dollars or Euros. If so, to what currency?

A.Local currency is the peso, there are lots of banks and OFFICIAL currency exchanges, it is much easier for guests to change their own currency here. Please note that you will have a problem here trying to change Travellers Checks

Q.I was told in other South American countries never to carry my original passport, only a copy so I wouldn't appear to be a regular tourist, but a regular and wouldn't get asked to pay extra 'fines' by some of the local authorities. Is that the same in the DR?

A. Any ID is accepted on DR, there is no corruption towards tourists for not carrying a passport, as far as we are aware.

Q. Does anyone know if I'll get to meet the resort owner at the DR location? I've talked to a couple past guests in some of my travels, and they spoke very highly of him. Not to mention, he's now world famous and maybe I could get an autograph :)

A. The resort owner will be at one of our resorts but cannot at the moment say which. He can autograph a picture for $10 or wait for his book to be published later this year and then he will autograph it for free when you buy it.
What Else is There To Do
Q. What can I do for a day away from the Resort?

A. We organise day trips by sailing yacht or catamaran. This is a pleasant day out to take with your girl, and we usually try to get enough people to charter the entire boat so that you do not have to mix with other tourists. We can organise day fishing trips and other trips.
There are Scuba diving centres on the Island.
There are golf courses on the Islands, and we can arrange this for you. We can also arrange day trips by car around the Island, or by 4x4 into the hills and the wilderness areas.

Of course, there are all the beaches for which the Islands are famous.

Q. What are the beaches like and how accessible are they?

A. There are numerous beaches on the Islands, all of which are easily accessible by taxi. We have regular drivers who know all the best beaches and will take you there and pick you up later for your return.
Some beaches are more commercialised than others. Some are crowded with tourists, some are almost deserted. Ask for further details and information at the Resort.

Q. What about nightlife?

A. There are numerous restaurants if you want to take your girl for a romantic meal. If you are feeling lucky there is the Casino. There are also numerous nightclubs, with dancing and cabaret. Ask the staff for advice on where to go.
Caribbean General Questions
Q. What is the weather like?

A. The weather is good all year round. Temperature is between 82 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit (28 to 33 Celsius). Rainfall is usually restricted to occasional showers, there are on average 320 dry days each year, only 45 days when it rains.

Q. What about insects? Do I need Malaria precautions?

A. There are mosquitoes and other biting insects on the islands, as you would expect. However, the mosquitoes are not the malaria carrying variety so anti-malaria precautions are not needed. You might want to bring some insect repellent for your wrists, neck and ankles after dark to avoid getting bitten.
What Should I Bring
Q. What clothes should I bring with me?

A The following packing list has been suggested by some of our repeat visitors.
3 or 4 T-shirts (for the beach)
2 or 3 Polo shirts (for evenings)
1 maybe 2 semi-formal shirts for nights out.
2 pairs shorts
1 pair decent long pants
1 pair very casual slacks
5 or 6 pants (underwear)
3 or 4 pairs of socks
2 Swimming trunks
1 pair sandals / flip-flops
1 pair shoes

Q. What else do I need? A. Again, this list has been provided by some of our guests.
Personal toiletries (shower gel rather than soap, it makes sharing a shower with your girl so much fun)
Any medications you need
Condoms (lots)
Lubricant (water-based not oil-based)
Sun tan protection, at least SPF 30
After sun lotion
Insect repellent
Camera (and film if you're not using digital)

Q. How much money should I bring and in what form?

AThis depends very much on whether you are content to stay at the Resort or want to go out every day, eat out every night, go on excursions, sample the nightlife. At a bare minimum you can get away with almost nothing, providing you just stay at the Resort all day and every day. More typically, budget between US$100 and US$200 a day over the length of your stay. This will allow you enough to visit the beaches, go on a few outings and have some spending money for other things. Bring US Dollars, or Euros in either cash or Travellers' Cheques. We can change these for you at the Resort or nearby bank.

Q. I am on prescription medication. Will there be any problem with Customs?

A. No, prescription medication and over the counter medications are OK. It is advisable to have a copy of the prescription with you in case you get stopped by Customs or if you run out while you are here.
Making a Booking
Q. OK, so I've read up on everything, how do I make my booking?

A.Once you have decided on the dates you want, Contact us!
We will reply as soon as possible to let you know if the dates are available, and let you know how much the stay will cost.
Once we have confirmed your dates, you then need to make your own travel arrangements. For clients in the USA we have a travel agent who can make all the arrangements.
For more information see the section on Travel to the Caribbean.

Q. How can I pay?

A. We prefer payment by bank transfer direct into our account, or by cash when you arrive.

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards or Traveler Cheques?

A. No, we can't accept Credit Cards nor Traveler Cheques. There are banks enough just around the corner though.
Things to do in Dominican Republic

  • Santo Domingo– Shopping, Colonial Monuments, Aquarium, Vegas type Casinos, Restaurants and more… ($50.00 Each)
  • San Pedro – Half Day – Visit a Cave, Tobacco, Rum & Central Market ($40.00 Each)
  • Safari – Water Falls, Rivers, Sugar Cane Plantations, Local Barrio and Lunch Included ($70.00 Each)
  • Horse Back Riding - Couple of different once… Some through the Beaches, and other type of trails. ($35.00 Each)
  • Four Wheeling – Driving through Boca Cica (2 Hours 56 and 3 Hours $72 Each)
  • Samana Whale Watching – ALL Day activity 12 Hours ($132.00 Each)
  • Banana Boat – 5 Persons (50.00 Each)
  • Water Ski – (60.00 Each)
  • Paddle boats with slides are $10.00 an hour to Rent
  • It is an easy walk to the beach and there is a great place to sit and watch the girls plus all the girls you are not with
  • The Casino is on Walking distance
  • If you like history or anything in that general area there is the Christopher Columbus Tomb
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