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Adult vacation Adult Vacations with Total Satisfaction was created in 2003 to provide erotic vacations for adults who are interested in adult escorted sex holidays. We cater for open minded singles and couples who are looking for everything they cannot get on normal family holidays. We provide an unbelievable trip, to our location in the Dominican Republic.
We are not associated with any other companies. The Company is owned outright by ourselves. We don't put guests in family hotels, you are accommodated at our private exclusive resort. You book with us, we meet you at the airport, we settle you in at the resort, we sort out your holiday escort and we stay with you on the same premises. You can change your escort every day for no extra cost at all, this is included in the price and comes with a 100% guarantee.
We are not a third party, taking bookings and then sending out clients irrespective of the circumstances. We do not promise you VIP treatment at Casinos and night clubs, because in reality this does not happen. We do not offer each guest a new chauffer driven car or jeep at their disposal as in reality this would be impossible. We don't send you out at night to local low grade restaurants because of poor kitchen facilities, we don't accommodate you in the company of family holiday makers. We provide an all inclusive fantasy vacation where everything is included in the price. There are no additional costs, what you are quoted is the price you pay.

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We have no hidden agenda. It is very easy for us to promise you so much yet deliver so little, but that is not how we operate our business. We have be come the Worlds largest and most popular adult vacation company because of the service we offer to you. We offer an all inclusive erotic vacation package which includes your accommodation, all your meals and drinks and of course there are always lovely ladies at the resorts. There are no extra charges involved. We pride ourselves on the fact that 80% of our customers return within 12 months. This can only be because they enjoyed there last adult vacation with us. We will not tolerate drugs or abuse of the staff. We endeavour to ensure that you enjoy your stay with us and feel certain that you will join our list of returning clients within 12 months of your visit.

What our guests say about us

Our clients come from all over the world. And they all leave us totally Satisfied!

Some quotes from our happy customers:

"This is an upright, outstanding organization who run a clean ship and tight operation. For my time and money, this experience was simply awesome! Like McArthur... I will return!!"

"Don’t look for guarantees. All the ingredients are there for the perfect adult vacation but you could still screw it up if you try hard enough. Don’t demand to know which bits of yourself you’ll be allowed to stick where and how often. There is no definitive answer and it just makes you look like a twat. Relax, you will not find a more perfect setup anywhere outside of the pages of an erotic novel. You will not experience more sex anywhere outside of the prison system. Go to the resort. Go with an open mind. The people there will try hard to bring out the best in you. Go with the flow. Be patient, be generous, be kind. You could learn a little about women. You might discover things about yourself. You may just find exactly what you are looking for."

"One last word: about the staff. They are most certainly high up on my list of things that impressed me. They are great hosts, and they will make you both feel welcomed, and even if I did not have any issues to bring to their attention, I am sure they would go out of their way to fix it…"

"I believe that – like beauty lies on the eye of the beholder – perfection lies in your state of mind. You will probably find things that are not perfect at TS, but I found nothing so serious that I was not able to forget it after 5 minutes. "

"Thank you all for making this a vacation to remember. I felt like I was walking around with a big smile all the time, and now when I have returned home, I see the pictures, listening to the music by Ana Gabriel – getting the same grin on my face."

Our most recent guest testimonials about our resort in DR tell this:

"I recommend giving DR a shot. I found it relaxing and I know by October or so when I go back that the TS staff will have this place shining."

"I came to TS based upon the advice on this board and despite the transition to the DR, TS more than met my expectations. Well done TS staff for a fantastic adult vacation!"

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